The Acorn System 2

The Acorn System 2

The Acorn System 2 was the first in a series of 'proper' computers with screen & keyboard, they comprised Eurocard sized boards housed in a 19" Vero Card Frame.  It came in two versions: a bare bones System 2 and full spec System 2A.

Both systems comprised the same basic set of four Eurocards: a 6502 CPU Board, 40x25 VDU (Teletext) Interface Board, 8K RAM + 8K ROM Board and the Keyboard, Display & Cassette Interface Board from the System 1 all in a Vero Card Frame.   The basic System 2 was aimed at the DIYer and came as a kit (£285) or assembled and tested (£320), the System 2A was more complete with fully populated cards an enclosed card frame and front panels but was only available assembled and tested (£480).  An ASCII keyboard (£96) and monitor where required but not included.

"The System 2 has many applications in the area where audio cassette based storage is required. It also provides a basis for the addition of more Eurocards.

The System 2 contained within a 19" card frame consists of the following Eurocards:

The four boards are connected in the card frame using an 8-slot backplane with two-part Eurocard DIN connectors and the system is easily expanded with other boards from the Acorn range.

The System 2 provides a cost effective computing system with the addition of a parallel ASCII keyboard, a TV monitor and a 5V at 3A power supply.

Further optional refinements are the addition of front panels with professional connectors and a 19" case for the card frame."

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