System Backplanes

Backplane 8-Slot PhotoBackplanes Photo

"Acorn have two backĀ­planes to interconnect their range of Eurocards with DIN 41612 Connectors. An 8 location backplane is in System 2 and 3 and a 14 location backplane for System 4.

The backplanes are single sided PCB's with provision for 64-way sockets. Side A (the standard Acorn bus) is connected by copper tracks along the length of the PCB and side B is connected by wire wrapping to configure a system for interrupts, cassette interfaces etc.

Both the backplanes have locations for two buffers on the processor address lines and power-supply connectors if required. The backplanes are suitable for 6502 or 6809 based systems."


I have no original Acorn schematic however I have produced a DIPTRACE version of the 8-slot Backplane Backplane 8-Slot Buffered



14-Slot Backplane 200.016 Issue 2 [0]

Backplane 14-Slot Top Side Photo

Backplane 14-Slot Track Side Photo

Replica Boards:

I have made replicas of Acorn backplanes details of which can be found here:



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