Acorn System Refurbishment (the start)

The start and after a good cleaning:

Acorn System Refurbishment (the start) Photo

Boards fitted from left to right:

Cassette Interface hand wired as original Acorn design
  6502 CPU Board original Acorn board
  40x25 VDU (Teletext) Interface Board original Acorn board
  UHF Modulator hand wired
  8K RAM + 8K ROM Board original Acorn board
  12K ROM board hand wired, my design for 6 x 2716 EPROMs
  I/O Card hand wired, my design - 8255
  PIA Board  hand wired, my design - 2 x 6821
  PROM Programmer similar to the Acorn PROM Programmer Board
  Serial Interface hand wired, my design using 2 x 6850
  Extension Board Veroboard
  Dual 10-bit ADC hand wired, my design using 2 x AD570
  Quad 10-bit DAC hand wired, my design using 4 x AD561
  PROM Programmer hand wired, my design
  CU INDIO Control Universal 6522 card

and in front: 

  8K RAM + 8K ROM Board original Acorn board
  Keyboard, Display & Cassette Interface Board original Acorn board
  32K Dynamic RAM Board original Acorn board


The 6502 Microcomputer Board was a 2nd board bought around 1980 (from Watford Electronics for a fiver, wish I'd bought more !), unfortunately I've misplaced the original 6502 CPU Board that was part of my System 1, I'm hoping it turns up sometime.

All fitted in an original Acorn System 2 Vero Card Frame with 14-slot Backplane 

Acorn System Refurbishment (the start) with Keyboard

The keyboard was built from an ex-data entry keyboard, it uses an AY-5-2376 rather than the AY-3-4592 used in the Acorn ASCII Keyboard, perhaps I couldn't get hold of a 4592 at the time ?  The trouble with the 2376 is that it needs -12V.  I plan to build a new keyboard using the 'proper' 4592 and a spare BBC keyboard.

My Original Acorn System Keyboard

New Double Height Card Frame

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