FileStore E01E

FileStore E01E (Drives)        FileStore E01E (GOTEK)

Drives Variant (drives not shown)                                                                                                                                  GOTEK Variant

My version of an Acorn FileStore E01S is in the Eurocard format rather than the original single PCB, there are four plug-in Eurocards and a Backplane: 

I have followed the original circuit so as to maintain compatibility with the original firmware but have made changes to incorporate some modern features and to enable the circuit to be split across the four boards.  I have where possible kept the same component reference numbers so that the original documentation (e.g. the Service Manual) still applies.

Here are the significant changes:

I've also removed the internal Econet clock circuit.

For details of each board follow the links above.

Please note this is a fairly complex project.  There are several surface mount components especially if you opt for the GOTEK or BeebSCSI features.  Debugging hardware faults is not helped by the lack of a console from the FileStore, a scope is essential and a logic anlyser even better !  You will also need ideally a Master Computer (or BBC with Copro) to run the Dealer Test Software.


Because of the difficulties in debugging this project to help constructors I've added a FileStore E01E Commissioning page.

FileStore Dealer Test Software

Here is a copy of Acorn's FileStore Dealer Test Software together with instructions:

Note that the Dealer Software is intended to be run on a Master Computer, it can apparently be made to work on a BBC B if you have a coprocessor fitted and V4 BASIC.

FileStore Operation

The Acorn FileStore is a Level 3 File Server and so the documentation for that product is largely applicable:

I have drafted a document which summaries the FileStore command set:

and a single page commands summary sheet


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