E01E FileStore Backplane

FileStore E01E Backplane

The FileStore E01E Backplane is similar to the Acorn System Backplane using 64-way DIN41612 a/b connectors, four in total.

This backplane works fine if only 1" wide front panels are used however if a 2" panel is used for the FDC board i.e. with a GOTEK display then the fourth slot cannot be used, an oversight on my part !  I will have a 5-slot Backplane available in the near future. 

Signal allocations on Side A are the same as the System backplane whilst Side B carries mainly FileStore E01E specific signals:

Pin Number Side A Signal Side B Signal
1 +5V
2 A15  
3 A14  
4 WE  
5 RD  
7 A8  
8 A7  
9 A6  
10 A5  
11 A4  
12 A3  
13 A2  
14 A1  
15 A0  
16 D7  
17 D6 Drive 4 (Left) Select
18 D5 Drive 5 (Right) Select
19 D4 FSMode Switch
20 D3 FSMode LED
21 D2 Econet Clock Status LED
22 D1 Econet Clock Status
23 D0 Econet Interrupt Enable
24 A13 FDC Latch Write ($FC08)
25 A12 FDC Latch Enable ($FC0C-$FC23)
26 A11 Econet Enable ($FC20-$FC23)
27 A10 SCSI Enable ($FC3x)
28 A9 IRQ
29 O2 NMI
32 0V 0V

The Backplane also has connections for off board mounted LED's and switches if you don't want to mount them on front panels.

I have also included a Logic Analyser port which I used with my Diligent Discovery 2 during the early stages of the project to see if it was working, otherwise difficult with no user interface.

Connections to the Logic Analyser Port are as follows:

0V 0V
A4 A0
A5 A1
A6 A2
A7 A3
0V 0V
A12 A8
A13 A9
A14 A10
A15 A11
0V 0V
D4 D0
D5 D1
D6 D2
D7 D3
0V 0V


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