Replica Versatile Interface Board

Replica Versatile Interface Board Photo

Based on the issue 3 schematic and photos of an issue 2 board.

The links have the following function:

PL3 Connections:

Pin Mode Function
1   -12V
2 20mA Current Loop TTY IN -VE
3 20mA Current Loop 0V
4 20mA Current Loop TTY IN +VE
5 20mA Current Loop +12V
6 20mA Current Loop TTY OUT -VE
7 RS232 0V
8 20mA Current Loop TTY OUT +VE
9 RS232 CTS
10 RS232 0V
11 RS232 RTS
12 RS232 DATA IN
13 RS232 0V


To configure the serial interface refer to the Technical Manual.


I have wired a front panel mounted 5-pin 240deg DIN socket for RS232 use as follows:


DIN socket pin wire to PL3 pin Function
1 11 RTS
2 14 Data out
3 10 0V
4 12 Data In
5 9 CTS


Because the DC-DC converter is no longer available I have made a small adapter board which allows the fitting of a Traco Power TMA 0512D (RS 189-6997).



Bill Of Materials

Front Panel Drilling

Blank PCBs

Replica Versatile Interface Board PCBReplica Versatile Interface Board Adapter Board


Board with Adapter Board Fitted

Replica Versatile Interface Board with Adapter


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