Eurocard Econet Type 2 Clock/Terminator/Hub

Eurocard Econet Clock/Terminator/Hub (3-socket)Eurocard Econet Clock/Terminator/Hub (6-socket)

This is a variant of my Econet Type 2 Clock/Terminator/Hub in a Eurocard format.  It is based on my boxed version.

It can be built in one of two variants, the first with just 3 sockets the second fitted with an additional front panel PCB which holds 6 sockets.

If you wish to isolate the network ground from local ground when using the Terminators then an optional DC-DC converter can be fitted.


Bill Of Materials

Panel Drilling

Blank PCBs

Eurocard Econet Clock/Terminator/Hub PCB

Eurocard Econet Clock/Terminator/Hub Front Panel


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