ASCII Keyboard (Electron)

ASCII Keyboard (Electron) Photo

Based on the issue 4 schematic, the original System keyboard had a latching CAPS LOCK key switch, these are hard/impossible to find and so an alternative electronic implementation has been made using a second 555 timer (IC8).

The keyboard requires a donor Electron computer case and keyboard as well as a set of BBC computer keycaps (the original Electron keycaps could be used but I don't think they look as smart).

The Electron keyboard mounting plate needs to be modified to allow for the repositioning of some of the keys:

The Electron case requires modification to allow for the extra keys and holes drilled for the LEDs, the board then directly replaces the original Electron keyboard PCB.

The links have the following functions:


Bill Of Materials

Blank PCB

ASCII Keyboard (Electron) PCB


Assembled PCB (no key-switches)

ASCII Keyboard (Electron) No Keyswitches


Assembled PCB (with key-switches)

ASCII Keyboard (Electron) with Keyswitches


Rear View

ASCII Keyboard (Electron) Rear View



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