Acorn ONLIBASIC Extension


This is an additional 2K byte program which adds statements to BASIC allowing the control of experiments in real time. Operates with both the Laboratory Interface, where the state of each input/output is controlled and timed using a 10mS clock interrupt, and the Analogue Interface Board, allowing reading and writing of the ADC and DACs.

ONLIBASIC Extension occupies 2K bytes starting at $D000.

Here is a pdf of an ONLIBASIC Manual:

 Originally ONLIBASIC was developed for the System Computer but a variant was produced for the Atom, I have produced source code in ca65 which by changing a 'switch' will assemble either the System or Atom variant. The System variant has graphic routines for the 40x25 VDU (Teletext), I haven't found an 80x25 VDU variant.



On a System 2 the ONLIBASIC Extension will be in a ROM/EPROM whereas for disk based systems (System 3/4/5) it will be loaded from floppy into RAM.



On an Atom the ONLIBASIC Extension will be in a ROM/EPROM in the IC21 socket.


There is an .ssd image containing System BASIC together with the Floating Point and ONLINE Extensions on the System BASIC page.



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