The Daisy Wheel Printer Interface Board

Acorn System Daisy Wheel Printer Interface

"This is a 100 x 160mm Eurocard which plugs into the standard Acorn bus and interfaces to daisy-wheel printers via a ribbon cable.

Designed initially for the Ricoh RP1600 the card contains two 16 bit 1/0 devices which are memory mapped into the Acorn system. Line drivers and receivers connect via a 50 way ribbon cable header to the printer. The Eurocard is intended to plug on to 6502/6809 Acorn systems via its 64 way DIN connector but operation with any micro-computer system should be possible including those with asynchronous busses e.g. 8080/Z80 based machines.

Acorn offer a software package for use with the card which allows micro-spacing of the daisy-wheel for text justification. Full printer handshaking and error condition sensing is provided."






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