The Bus Interface Board (BIB)

Acorn System Bus Interface Board

"The Bus Interface Board (BIB) is a 100 x 160mm Eurocard which plugs onto the standard Acorn computer bus. Using it a card frame and back-plane carrying Acorn cards can be interfaced to other machines, for instance AIM65, KIM etc., giving users of these machines access to the wide range of control and interface circuits manufactured by Acorn. A 40-way flat ribbon cable connects to the front of the BIB and on to the rear of the AIM65, this cable carries the data, address and control lines from the AIM and thus allows the 6502 processor on the AIM to control the Acorn cards in the rack. Logic circuitry on the BIB allows memory blocks in the Acorn card frame to be located into the AIM65 address map.

The BIB is available in two configurations. The minimum configuration provides an interconnection system so the AIM65 can be connected to the Acorn back-plane and memory blocks on the back-plane connect directly into the AIM65 address map. In the maximum configuration data bus buffering is also provided together with block select circuitry so that the Acorn cards on the back-plane can be located into different blocks in the AIM65 address map. Buffering for the sixteen address lines is already present on the Acorn back-plane.

Also on the BIB is an area of pads on a 0.1 inch matrix on which additional circuitry can be constructed by the user."






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