The Bus Extender

TAcorn System Bus Extender

"The Acorn bus extender is a Eurocard (100 x 160mm) which plugs into any 64-way backplane socket. This brings the 64 connections to the front of the Eurocard rack where a second socket can be fitted to it. Any other Eurocard can then be plugged into the extender leaving the Eurocard clear of the casing giving easy access, and allowing the Eurocard to be serviced or developed while operating in the system.

Suitable for use in any DIN 41612 two row 64 way connector system."






200.023 Issue 1 [3 System 4]

Acorn System Bus Extender PCB Issue 1Acorn System Bus Extender PCB Issue 1

Replica Board:

I have made my own version of a Bus Extender Board details of which can be found here:


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