System 1 Applications Library

I have compiled a collection of System 1 Applications mostly taken from the User's Manual but from other sources as well.  In order to make loading them easier I have also written a python application that converts a raw binary file (.bin) to a .wav file that can be 'played' into your System 1 -, it will also generate System 2/Atom format files.

I use the ca65 assembler and so have compiled the applications in that format and here they are:

Application Source Object Code
Listing File Binary File .wav File
(System 1 Format)
Square Root System 1 User's Manual squareroot.ca65 squareroot.list squareroot.bin squareroot.wav
Divider System 1 User's Manual divider.ca65 divider.list divider.bin divider.wav
Single Byte Multiply System 1 User's Manual single_byte_multiply.ca65 single_byte_multiply.list single_byte_multiply.bin single_byte_multiply.wav
Double Byte Multiply System 1 User's Manual double_byte_multiply.ca65 double_byte_multiply.list double_byte_multiply.bin double_byte_multiply.wav
Decimal to Hexadecimal System 1 User's Manual decimal_to_hex.ca65 decimal_to_hex.list decimal_to_hex.bin decimal_to_hex.wav
Hexadecimal to Decimal System 1 User's Manual hex_to_decimal.ca65 hex_to_decimal.list hex_to_decimal.bin hex_to_decimal.wav
Branch Offset Calculator System 1 User's Manual branch_offset_calc.ca65 branch_offset_calc.list branch_offset_calc.bin branch_offset_calc.wav
Relocator System 1 User's Manual relocator.ca65 relocator.list relocator.bin relocator.wav
Tape Programs System 1 User's Manual tape_programs.ca65 tape_programs.list tape_programs.bin tape_programs.wav
Scroll System 1 User's Manual scroll.ca65 scroll.list scroll.bin scroll.wav
VDU 40x25 VDU (Teletext) Technical Manual vdu.ca65 vdu.list vdu.bin vdu.wav
Acorn Keywrite 40x25 VDU (Teletext) Technical Manual keywrite.ca65 keywrite.list keywrite.bin keywrite.wav
Disassembler Computing Today April 1980 disassembler.ca65 disassembler.list disassembler.bin disassembler.wav
Minidisassembler 40x25 VDU (Teletext) Technical Manual minidisassembler.ca65 minidisassembler.list minidisassembler.bin minidisassembler.wav
Nim System 1 User's Manual nim.ca65 nim.list nim.bin nim.wav
Duck Shoot System 1 User's Manual duck_shoot.ca65 duck_shoot.list duck_shoot.bin duck_shoot.wav
Bulls and Cows (Mastermind) Liverpool Software Gazette bulls_and_cows.ca65 bulls_and_cows.list bulls_and_cows.bin bulls_and_cows.wav
Counter Keyboard System 1 User's Manual counter_keyboard.ca65 counter_keyboard.list counter_keyboard.bin counter_keyboard.wav
Metronome System 1 User's Manual metronome.ca65 metronome.list metronome.bin metronome.wav
Eight Queens Problem System 1 User's Manual 8queens.ca65 8queens.list 8queens.bin 8queens.wav
Acorn 1 'mikes' on acorn1.ca65 acorn1.list acorn1.bin acorn1.wav

I have also produced a System1 Monitor EPROM image that includes all these applications as well this can be found on the System 1 Monitor page. 

If anybody has any more System 1 applications then I'm happy to add them.


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