The Acorn Prestel Terminal

The Acorn Prestel Terminal Photo

"Acorn Computer systems contain a Teletext/Prestel standard VDU which can drive both colour and monochrome monitors. The System 3 above connects via a serial interface port to an integral Modem and functions as a Prestel terminal. Data may be received from Prestel and stored on the mini-floppy disk for subsequent processing and display. Files may be created on the system using the Prestel screen editor and disk storage. When correct, Information Providers may transmit these files to the Prestel computer using the bulk update facility.

The Prestel software contains powerful editing commands, user number storage and auto telephone dialling. It is mainly written in BASIC and can be modified to meet specific user requirements.

Printers, Teletypes and further VDUs may also be connected to Acorn computers which support one or two mini-floppy disk drives. When not connected to the Prestel computer the system provides powerful computing facilities including a wide selection of languages and peripheral devices."

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