Acorn Disk Operating System - DOS

"This is a 4K byte program providing support for other programs by dealing with peripherals and allowing programs to be filled on mini-floppy disks. It supports Acorn's Teletext VDU, a parallel ASCII keyboard and a Centronics style parallel printer via a VIB. The mini-floppy is Acorn's single density single-sided drive with controller, giving the user 100K bytes of file space. A second mini-floppy drive can be added."


(VIB refers to the Versatile Interface Board)


Source code (ca65 format) to follow

Listing file to follow


Object codes:

DOS80  (version for 80x25 vdu)

DOS40R  (version for 40x25 Teletext vdu with type R 6845)

DOS40S  (version for 40x25 Teletext vdu with type S 6845)


Generally the type S version should be used, this works with the Motorola 6845