Floppy Drive Selector Board

photo to follow

For copy between disks of varying format I have got by with various lash-ups over the years before finally deciding to make something a bit tidier and so built this unit which holds four different drives and allows for the selection of two out of the four drives to be selected for connection to a computer e.g. BBC/Master. In my set-up I have fitted the following four drives:

The whole lot is enclosed in a neat (albeit expensive) enclosure that I found from Hammond, part No. 1452DE11.


Floppy Drive Selector Board Top Side


Floppy Drive Selector Board Bottom Side


Power for the drives is taken separately from the power supply to the drives, only a low current +5V connection is required to the board for the LEDs.


The four links allow each drive to be configured as drive 0 or 1 depending on how the drive links have been set.  Note that most 3.5" drives are fixed as drive 1. 


Five individual ribbon cables are required to each drive and to the computer, of course do not use (PC) cables with twists in them !



Bill Of Materials

Blank PCB

Floppy Drive Selector Board PCB

Mechanical Drawings


I hav'nt finished constructing my unit so final photos and drawings are still to follow.


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