E01E FileStore SCSI Board

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This board carries the Winchester drive SCSI Host Adapter, this circuit being very similar to that used on other Acorn SCSI Host Adapters, this has enabled me to make the board multipurpose by adding a 1MHz Bus connector allowing the board to be used with a BBC/Master computer as well as the FileStore.  I have also added an RaSCSI which can be used instead of a real Winchester drive.




Building the RaSCSI

Full instructions can be found on the RaSCSI Wiki here: Home · akuker/RASCSI Wiki · GitHub

The simplest way is to start with a ready built image, this can be found here Releases · akuker/RASCSI (github.com).  I used Win32DiskImager to write the image to a 16GB SD card.

Insert the card and power-up the board.  After initial start-up enter user name and password, the defaults are 'pi' and 'raspberry' respectively.

Then run the Raspberry Pi Configuration tool by typing:

sudo raspi-config

To set-up an OLED display run the following commands:




To create e.g. a 20Mbyte E20 image:

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/pi/images/E20.hdf bs=256 count=81920




Docs below are all draft as still under development.


Bill Of Materials

Front Panel Drilling

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