My System 2

My System 2 Photo

From left to right:

Vero Trivolt PK55 PSU module (8HP) providing 5V@5A and +/-12V@1A
12HP Panel  
6502 CPU Board trev_ham replica
Keyboard, Display & Cassette Interface Board trev_ham replica
40x25 VDU (Teletext) Interface Board original Acorn board
UHF Modulator hand wired
Versatile Interface Board my replica
8K RAM + 8K ROM Board original Acorn board
6 spare slots  
4HP blanking panel  


The CPU Board is fitted with COS in a 2532 EPROM, the memory board is fitted with BASIC and FP Extension in 2532 EPROMs.

All fitted in an original Acorn System Vero Card Frame with my replica 12-slot Backplane.  Acorn must have had a bespoke PSU module that plugged into the 32-way sockets on the left of the backplane.  I have used a Vero Trivolt PSU which plugs into an H15 type socket, this is attached directly to the card frame and the power supply is wired to the backplane.  The 12HP panel conceals the two 32-way sockets and provides a mounting for a mains on/off and reset switch.

My System 2 Rear Photo

You'll spot that I have added some side cheeks to the rear of the case to protect the backplane and wiring.

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