Keyboard/Display/Cassette Interface

"The upper Eurocard of the System 1 is available without the keypad and display when it performs as a Cassette Interface card in System 2. It may also be added to Systems 3, 4 and 5 if desired. The Computer Users Tape Standard (CUTS) frequency modulates data on to a standard audio cassette recorder with a two tone system in which 2.4KHz represents a logic 1 and 1.2KHz a logic 0." 

Schematic (200.001 Issue 1 26-Feb-1979)

Schematic (200.001 Issue 2 26-Feb-1979)

Schematic (100.001 Issue 3 27-Mar-1980) 

Note: all 3 versions of the schematic have an error at IC2: pins 5 and 6 are transposed i.e. IC2/pin 5 should go to IC3/pin 6 and IC2/pin 6 should go to IC3/pin 8.


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