8K RAM / 8K ROM Board 

"A Eurocard (measuring 100 x 160mm) of high quality fibre glass through hole plated PCB with solder resist and component identification. It has provision for 8K of RAM (2114) and 8K of EPROM (2532).

This card is available with memory options populated in 1K steps in the case of RAM and large variety of ROM or EPROM. This card is fully buffered for use with any system but has the advantage that the inputs of all cards except that being accessed are tri-stated and present no load to the bus. The Eurocard connector carries the bus and address selection by wire links on the card and allows RAM and ROM to be placed independently in any 8K block of memory. The memory card is a natural first step in expansion of the System 1 and provides storage and working memory for programs in the Acorn systems."

Schematic (200.003 Issue 1 24-Mar-1979)

Schematic (200.003 Issue 1 2-May-1979)

Schematic (100.003 Issue 3 13-Feb-1980)


Technical Manual (200.003 Issue 3a March-1980 A4 )

Technical Manual (200.003 Issue 3a March-1980 A5 booklet) 

Technical Manual (200.003 Issue 3b March-1980 A4)


Data sheets:





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