Change Log

  Date    Change
1/12/2020 Website completely updated.
17/12/2020 Updated System COS files COS.ca65 and added Atom COS files Atom_COS.ca65.
20/12/2020 Added PROMs and EPROMs page.
28/12/2020 Added SOFTY 1 page.
15/1/2021 Added my PROMER version 2 PROM Programmer Board firmware.
22/1/2021 Added SB-Assembler formatted firmware source code for the MK14.
9/2/2021 DOS Utilities added to DOS page.
10/3/2021 Added Replica SOFTY 1 Page.
21/3/2021 Changed all references to Mk14 to MK14 !
28/3/2021 Updated PROM data sheets to versions with programming info.
22/5/2021 Added page on the 8271, Acorn and 3.5" Floppy Disks: 8271_acorn_3.5_floppies.html.
30/5/2021 Added SOFTY 1 links detail.
8/7/2021 Replica FDC updated to latest version with 3.5" drive update.
31/7/2021 RAMTest added and PROMER page created.
29/8/2021 Atom pages updated, added Disk Pack and Econet Interrface


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