PROMER is the original Acorn application for use with the PROM Programmer Board.  PROMER2 is my enhanced version which has a nicer user interface and additional commands for viewing and manipulating memory, I have also added support for the 74S287 PROM.  I am currently working on PROMER3 which will include support for TELSA PROMs.



'PROMER' taken from the PROM Programmer Board Technical Manual.

My enhanced versions:

Here is an .ssd with the executables:

PROMER 2 Commands:

Command Function
BLANK Carries out a blank check of the selected device.
DEVICE (<device>) Specifies the programmable device from the following:
PROMs: 287L, 287H, 571L or 571H
EPROMs: 2758, 2516, 2716 or 2532
If no parameter is entered the current <device> is output.
DUMP <from> <to> (<columns>) Dumps the selected memory range to the screen in columns of 8 bytes, the number of bytes per line can be varied by entering a value for the <column> parameter.
FILL <from> <to> <fill> Fills the selected memory range with the value specified.
HELP (<command>) Displays a list of commands or gives help on a specific command.
MEM <address> Allows the viewing and modification of a memory location.  Pressing 'U' moves 'up' through memory and pressing 'V' moves down.  Entering a hex value modifies the value at the current location.
PROGRAM <from> Programs the selected device with the data stored at the specified address.
READ <from> Reads the selected device and writes the data to the specified address.
VERIFY <from> Reads the selected device and compares the contents with the data stored at the specified address.

Parameters in brackets are optional.

An OS command can be executed by preceding it with a *.

All commands can be abbreviated with '.'


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