Acorn FileStore

Acorn FileStore E01S with front cover removed

Acorn FileStore E01S with front cover removed

This is Acorn's dedicated Level 3 File Server, it comprises a family of equipment which include two variants of the main FileStore unit and add-on storage options.

FileStore is essentially a stripped down BBC B Computer with some other changes:

Econet is via a plug-in module, the FileStore will also produce a system Clock if one is not detected.

The E01 is the basic FileStore with just a pair of 3.5 Floppy Disks, it can though be expanded with the E20 SCSI Winchester Disk Host Adapter to also support a 20MB Winchester drive.

The E01S is an improved unit with the SCSI interface built-in, the 'S' is for stacking as it can be stacked with up to four of the matching E40S and E60S Hard Disk units with capacities of 40 and 60Mbytes respectively.

Acorn FileStore E01S internal view

Acorn FileStore E01S internal view

The only documentation I have found specifically for FileStore is the Service Manual:

This includes the schematics which I have pulled out as separate .pdfs:

The Econet interface is the same module that plugs-in to Master Computers:

ROM Images

I've made a start at producing source code for Version 1.40 (in CA65 format)

I recommend looking at Richard Murray's website which is a great source of information on the FileStore.

I have designed my own variant of Acorn's FileStore in a Eurocard format based on the E01S, I've called it the E01E for Eurocard version !


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